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Organizers: CK INVITATION, International chess academy Interchess, Chess club Osuské
Place: Penzión Atlas, Železničná 1513, 905 01 Senica, http://www.penzionatlas.sk/
Tourn. Director: Ing. Rudolf Diviak
Chief Arbiter: IA Rastislav Diviak
System: 2 tournaments – FIDE Open and National Open, Swiss system on 7 rounds according to the FIDE Laws of chess valid from 1st July 2014, rate of play 90 min for the game plus 30 s increment per move. Default time (FIDE Laws of chess, Article 6.7 a) is 60 minutes from the specified beginning of the game. The FIDE Open tournament will be rated for October 2014 FRL.
Tie-breaks: 1. Cut Buchholz (reduced by the lowest score of the opponents), calculated with real points, 2. Buchholz calculated with real points, 3. Count of victories, 4. FIDE Tie-break.
Participants: FIDE Open: Players without age limit and rating limit. Each player shall have FIDE ID number before the start of the tournament.
National Open: FIDE unrated players without age limit.
Entry fee: FIDE Open: FIDE rated players 20 EUR, unrated players 25 EUR.
National Open: players born in 1999 or younger 12 EUR, other players 15 EUR.
Prize fund: FIDE Open: 1st place 200 EUR + trophy, 2nd place 150 EUR, 3rd place 100 EUR, 4th place 60 EUR, 5th place 40 EUR. Winners of the categories (women, seniors born in 1954 or older, U15 players born in 1999 or younger) get valuable prizes. In case of 40 or more participants in the FIDE Open the prize fund will be increased.
National Open: 1st place trophy + prize, 2nd -5th place prizes.
Accommodation: Penzión Atlas, single rooms, double rooms, triple-rooms. All rooms have: hall, bathroom with shower, toilet, fridge, TV, internet connection. Accommodation prices: single room 16 EUR/day; double room 13 EUR/person/day; triple room 9 EUR/person/day.
Food: Penzión Atlas, full board 9.50 EUR/day. Single prices: breakfast 3 EUR, lunch 3.50 EUR, dinner 3.50 EUR.
Applications: Rastislav Diviak, phone: +421 908 684 444, e-mail: rasto.diviak@gmail.com
IBAN: SK4111000000002615342575, BIC: TATRSKBX, payment identification: player´s FIDE ID. Application deadline is on 7th August 2014. For the application after this date additional fee +5 EUR shall be paid.
Mobile phones: For both tournaments according to the FIDE Laws of chess valid from 1st July 2014, Article 11.3 b, the following will be applied: the player may have mobile phone or other mean of communication in the playing venue but this mean of communication shall be completely off. If the mobile phone or the mean of communication produces some sound or if the player uses it during the game, he shall lose the game.
Tournament schedule:
FIDE Open and National Open
Wednesday 27th August
13:30 – 15:30 registration
16:30 – 20:30 Round 1
Thursday 28th August
09:00 – 13:00 free time activities
16:30 – 20:30 Round 2
Friday 29th August
09:00 – 13:00 Round 3
16:00 – 20:00 Round 4
Saturday 30th August
09:00 – 13:00 Round 5
16:00 – 20:00 Round 6
Sunday 31th August
09:00 – 13:00 Round 7
13:15 closing ceremony
Free time: On Thursday morning some sport activities will be prepared (football, tennis, table tennis), according to the requirements of the participants and to the weather conditions. Some interesting trips to the region around Senica will be also available.
On Wednesday approximately from 21:00 blitz tournament will be played.
We look forward to your participation!!!

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