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under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18
Prague, August 16th – 26th, 2012


1. Invitation
AVE-KONTAKT Pardubice agency (the organizer of Czech Open Chess Festival and Czech Tour Chess Festivals Series, the organizer from now), the Chess Federation of Czech Republic and the European Chess Union have the honour to invite all European Chess Federations affiliated to FIDE and ECU to participate in the EUROPEAN YOUTH CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP organised in Prague, Czech Republic from 16th August (arrival) to 26th August (departure) 2012.

2. Participation
2.1. Each federation can register one (1) player in each of the categories - under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 (boys and girls), the maximum number of twelve (12) players (“invited players”).
2.2. The players placed 1-3 in the previous European Youth Chess Championship will have the personal right to participate in the tournament in the corresponding age-category or a higher age-category if they fulfill the conditions that they have not reached the age of 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 years, respectively, by January 1st 2012.
This privilege may be exercised once exclusively in the subsequent year following the year of the qualification.
2.3. In order to ensure proper tournament standards, all invited players and extra players have to register through their national federations before 30th June 2012 (registration deadline). The entry form should be filled in by the national federation on the official website of the championship.
2.4. Each federation can register an unlimited number of extra players.
2.5. Access to playing areas, venues and the hotel will be allowed only to people accredited by the organizer.

3. Fees
3.1. In accordance with the ECU regulations the entry fee of 65 EUR is required for each invited player and player with a personal right; and 130 EUR for each extra player (those who play as “open” participants).
3.2. According to the ECU regulations, federations are obliged to make the payment of the ECU fee until the end of the second round.
3.3. The organization fee of 150 EUR for covering part of accommodation expenses, required for each invited player, player with a personal right and the chief of delegation must be paid until 30th June 2012.

4. Registration
The entry form must be filled in by the national federation on the official website of the championship no later than 30th June 2012. This date is the registration deadline. After that, federations will not be able to register or modify any registrations. After this date all the registrations have to be confirmed by the organizer and the ECU.
4.2. Players will not be paired until all their registration details are fulfilled.

5. Travel conditions
The organizer can arrange the transfer from the Prague airport to the hotel. Transfer on the first day (16th August) and the last day (26th August) will be free of charge for players and delegation chiefs. On other days the organizer will charge 10 EUR per person (both ways) for these people, for accompanying persons it is charged in both cases. The distance is 28,5 km (25 - 50 min by bus).

6. Payments
6.1. The ECU fees must be paid until the end of the second round to the account of the European Chess Union:

Bank: Credit Suisse
Postfach 357
CH - 6301 Zug
Account number: 1835105-42
Holder: European Chess Union
National Bank Code: 4835
IBAN Code: CH36048351883510542000

6.2. Organization fees, accommodation and transfer costs must be paid to the account of the organizer AVE-KONTAKT agency till 30th June:
Bank: Komercni banka, a.s. namesti Republiky 222
CZ - 530 78 Pardubice
Account number: 107-1452020277/0100
Holder: AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o., Sukova trida 1556, CZ - 530 02 Pardubice
IBAN: CZ0801000001071452020277
6.3. All bank commissions must be paid by a sender, if they are not paid, the organizer will provide the invoice which must be paid before the start of the championship.

7. Lodging and boarding
7.1. Lodging and boarding will be provided at the TOP HOTEL Praha ****, Blazimska 1781/4, Praha 11. All tournament halls are situated at this hotel.
7.2. Invited players, players with personal rights and delegation chiefs will be accommodated with full board in double rooms of “standard” category. Booking and payments for these rooms must be made and sent to the organizer no later than 30th June 2012. The booking is considered to be assured when organization fees are paid.
Invited players, players with personal rights and delegation chiefs who are registered after 30th June 2012, pay an extra charge of 100 EUR each.
All the above-mentioned payments are non-refundable if the booking is cancelled. Free lodging and boarding will be provided from 16th August (dinner) to 26th August (lunch). Any additional overnights will be charged as at 7.3.
7.3. Extra players, coaches and accompanying persons will be accommodated with full board at the TOP HOTEL Praha **** as others. All extra players are obliged to stay at this hotel. Booking and payments for their rooms must be made and sent to the organizer no later than 30th June 2012. Booking is considered to be made when organization fees are paid. All the above-mentioned payments are non refundable if the booking is cancelled.
Lodging per room with full board (full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner):
Standard rooms (682 rooms)
(a bathroom with a shower and a toilet, wireless internet connection, satellite TV and mini-bar)
single room (min. 15 m2) - 80 EUR / room per night
double room (min. 15 m2) - 110 EUR / room per night
triple room (30 m2) - 150 EUR / room per night

Superior rooms (76 rooms)
(two separate bathrooms - a large bathroom with a corner bath and a smaller bathroom with a shower, high speed internet connection LAN, satellite TV and mini-bar, air-conditioning)
single room (30 m2) - 100 EUR / room per night
double room (30 m2) - 130 EUR / room per night

Suites (44 suites)
(two separate rooms: a two-bed room and a living room, spacious bathroom equipped with a shower and the choice of various cosmetic products, wireless internet connection, satellite TV and mini-bar
1 person in a suite (2x 13 m2) - 150 EUR / room per night
2 people in a suite (2x 13 m2) - 180 EUR / room per night
3 people in a suite (2x 13 m2) - 210 EUR / room per night
4 people in a suite (2x 13 m2) - 240 EUR / room per night

Federations have the possibility to make the room reservations for invited players and players with personal right players in the rooms they wish in pre-reservation (no name pre-reservation is possible) until May 31, 2012.

After May 31, the reservations will be based on “First come first serve” principle.

If the number of rooms in Top hotel is not sufficient, the organizer will provide additional rooms.

7.4. Accommodation will be available after the head of delegation receives hotel vouchers in the central office.

SPECIAL OFFER: Offer to all participants and accompanying persons to stay one day longer, on 26th July and make a trip to the centre (the Prague castle, Charles bridge, Petrin View Tower with Mirror labyrinth etc.). Transfer and guides would be free of charge. Players who take part in this trip would have transfer from the hotel to the airport on 27th July free of charge.
8. Tournament halls
All tournament halls are situated at the TOP HOTEL Praha ****, Blazimska 1781/4, Praha 11.

9. Transport connection:
It takes app. 20 minutes to get from the city centre to the hotel by public transport: from the metro station line C “Chodov” take bus No. 115 to the bus stop “Mestsky archiv” which is situated right in front of the hotel.
It takes app. 10 minutes from the city centre by car: the D1 highway – exit “Sporilov, Chodov” – turn right at the first crossroads – go straight on at the second crossroads, turn left at the third crossroads – turn right after 50 m – the main road leads to the hotel.
10. Tournament schedule
Thursday 16th August arrival
Thursday 16th August 20:00 opening ceremony
Friday 17th August 10:00 technical meeting
Friday 17th August 15:00 1st round
Saturday 18th August 15:00 2nd round
Sunday 19th August 15:00 3rd round
Monday 20th August 15:00 4th round
Tuesday 21st August 15:00 5th round
Wednesday 22nd August 15:00 6th round
Thursday 23rd August 15:00 7th round
Friday 24th August 15:00 8th round
Saturday 25th August 13:00 9th round
Saturday 25th August 20:00 closing ceremony
Sunday 26th August departure

Players from those federations, which are not represented at the technical meeting, will not be paired according to the decision of ECU board.

11. Rules and regulations
The ECU Tournament Rules should be followed.
The tournament will be played by a 9-rounds Swiss system. National ratings will not be taken into consideration for pairings. The time rate will be 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one.
Zero-tolerance rule will be applied for each round.
Communication between players (the offer of draw) is forbidden until the 40th move has been played.

12. Arbiters and Appeals committee
The names of the Chief Arbiter and members of the Appeals committee will be published not later than 1st June 2012.

13. Tournament bulletin
The tournament bulletin will be available on the website for all interested persons free of charge.

14. Visa information
The federations, players and accompanying people needing visa are requested to contact the organizer till 30th June 2012.
The organizer will provide invitations for visas only after the necessary payments. Schengen visas are valid in Czech Republic since 2008.

15. Prizes
15.1. The first three players in each group will be awarded medals; the first five players in each group will be awarded cups, diplomas and valuable prizes.
15.2. Each participant will receive presents.
15.3. The total amount of all prizes and presents will be 20.000 EUR at the minimum.

16. Currency
The local currency is the Czech Crown (CZK), 1 EUR = around 25 CZK

17. Tournament office
AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o., Sukova 1556, 530 02 Pardubice, Czech Republic
Tournament Director: Dr. Jan Mazuch
fax.: +420 466 535 200, mobile phone + 420 608 203 007
e-mail:office@eycc2012.eu, Official website (information and on-line registration): http://www.eycc2012.eu

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