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International amateur chess festival Badia de Cala Millor

• General registration: €120 (under 1900) - €90 (under 2200 and open female).
• Balearic players (those with issued titles at the Balearic Chess Federation
before the starting of the tournament): €60 (under 1900) - €50 (under 2200 and
open female).
• General forfeit: Transfer both from and to airport + hotel 8 nights in full board basis (drinks included) + inscription: €476
• Forfeit for Balearic players: Hotel 8 nights in full board basis (drinks included) + inscription: €400.
Tariffs are per person and day in a double room. Others guests will be applied the tariff of the general forfeit.
Extra night in a double room: +€48. Supplement for single room: +€15 per day.
All included: +€7 per day. Transfer airport-hotel: +€16 per person. Transfer hotel-airport: +€16 per person.
A 4 star hotel at the Bay of Cala Millor. Hotel reservations and applications can be made through the official website of the tournament: www.ajedrezcalamillor.com
For further information please contact: info@ajedrezcalamillor.com or the mobile
phone (+34) 667246104.

10 rounds of Swiss-system. Rounds of 1 hour per player + 30 seconds per play. Valid for FEDA and FIDE rating. Up to three byes of half a point can be required, except the last two rounds.
Players will be divided in three categories:
Under 1900 Group
Apt for players with an ELO FIDE lower than 1900 and those with no ELO FIDE. Players in this group should not have any of the following titles: CM, MF, MI, GM, WFM, WIM and WGM. Players with a rating higher than 2200 FIDE after December 2005 are not allowed to play in this category either. The same for those with more than 2100 after December 2009. Those players with no ELO FIDE will NOT be accepted in the following cases:
a) ELO FEDA 2000 or higher. b) Having an ELO FIDE block of 2000 or higher, if the player is in possession of several blocks, the arithmetic average will be applied.

Under 2200 Group
The participation of players with ELO FIDE lower than 2200 (including those under 2000) or with no ELO FIDE will be accepted. MI and GMI cannot take part in the tournament, except MF, WIM and WGM, which can, providing they do not surpass 2200 ELO FIDE. Are excluded from playing those with more than 2400 FIDE after December 2005.

Lady’s group
Any female player can take part in the tournament.
Only those players with ELO FIDE or FEDA can go for the two first prizes in all categories/groups.

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