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Stockholm’s Chess Federation proudly presents the third edition of the
Stockholm ELO Challenge 2011

Stockholm’s Chess Federation 100 years celebration
Long weekend tournament at Stockholms Schacksalonger, Wednesday June 1 – Monday June 6.

Please Note: Both June 2 and June 6 are banking holidays in Sweden 2011. Furthermore a rapid competition on Sunday evening.
9 rounds Swiss System with 40 moves in 90 min + 30 sec increment per move and then 15 min + 30 sec per move for the rest of the game.
Possibility to get an international FIDE Elo rating or part rating, since the tournament will be FIDE Elo registrated.

Tournament Schedule (approximal hours):
Wednesday 1/6 Round 1 19:00
Thursday 2/6 Round 2 12:00
Round 3 18:00
Friday 3/6 Round 4 12:00
Round 5 18:00
Saturday 4/6 Round 6 12:00
Round 7 18:00
Sunday 5/6 Round 8 12:00
1st Stockholms SS Rapid Countdown 2011 18:00
Monday 6/6 Round 9 12:00

Prizegiving with a small buffet is planned to approxiamately 17:00, depending on when the last game will be finished.
Players can take a bye with ½ point in one round if they announce which round before the tournament starts to the tournament leader (not round 8 and 9).
Starting fees: Players without FIDE Elo and below 1800 in Elo 900:- SEK
Players with Elo 1800–2200 800:- SEK
Juniors, born 1991 or later and players with more than 2200 600:- SEK
IM 0:-
GM 0:- Please Note! Title players have to apply for free starting fee
no later than May 10.
1 Euro is approx. 9 SEK the 1st of February 2011.
There is normally an entrance fee to the Stockholms Schacksalonger with 40 SEK per day (juniors 30 SEK / day). However, players living outside Stockholm’s area can buy a tournament card for 100 SEK, valid for all 5 days.
There are two things you have to do in order to be considered as ready to play the tournament: You have to apply and you have to pay the starting fee.
Application to the tournament has to be made no later than May 31 and can be made in several ways for players living in Sweden. Write your name on a list at The Chess Saloons of Stockholm, apply on application form on the Internet or through an email to the tournament director (see contact details in the end of invitation) and this email have in that case to be confirmed. If you consider playing in the tournament and are living abroad, please contact the tournament director preferably with mail.
One possibility is to pay the starting fee in the playing area before the first round.
But if you chose to pay the starting fee on the Internet the last day for payment is May 5 to Stockholm’s Chess Federation plusgiro 25 79 58-9. Please write your name, Elo and Chess club too. Late entry, if possible, cost 100 SEK extra.
Personal registration has to be made at the playing venue before June 1, 18:30.

Prizes: 1st prize 9 000:- The first prize is guaranteed! 5th prize 1 500:-
2nd prize 4 500:- 6th prize 1 200:-
3rd prize 2 400:- 7th prize 1 050:-
4th prize 1 800:- 8th prize 1 050:-
Two rating prizes, 1 800 and 1 200 SEK, will be be distributed to players getting most points per rating group, starting from around nr 15 in the starting list. If you have a national rating the rating group in which you belong will be decided between the highest of the FIDE Elo and the national rating.
All Prizes will be shared according to the Hort Method, which means that in every group players on the same point half of money is shared, half is splitted according to Buchholz. It is possible for a player to win both a Top and a Rating Prize.
The prizes are based on 50 paying entrants and the prize sum will be adjusted proportionally according to the number of players. Only players with confirmed ratings can get rating prizes!
Last year 72 competitors played the tournament. IM Ilmars Starostits won.
In Stockholm ELO Challenge you have to be in the playing venue not later than 30 min after every round is started – otherwise the game is lost.
The tournament will be broadcasted live on Internet and there will be a bulletin with selected games. GM will get free coffee and sandwich.

– Zinkensdamms Lodging +468-616 81 10 (walking distance from tournament venue)
– Columbus Hotel & Lodging +468-503 112 00 (Tjärhovsgatan 11)
– Scandic Hotel Malmen +468-517 347 00 (Götgatan 49)
If you need more information please contact the tournament director Mikael Helin:
E-mail: micko03@hotmail.com
Phone +46 703 33 59 11
Phone to the Stockholms Schacksalonger, the playing venue: +46 86 68 78 77.
Phone to Stockholm’s Chess Federation: +46 86 69 36 54.

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